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Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard

This nationally critically endangered species has been found at only 22 native grassland sites all of which are on private land. Prior to its re discovery tiliqua adelaidensis the pygmy bluetongue lizard was regarded as one of the most seriously endangered of australia s reptile species if not actually extinct cogger 1992 ehmann 1992 hutchinson 1992.

Spiders Construct Homes For Endangered Pygmy Lizards Discover

The pygmy blue tongue was once thought to be extinct and is only found in the mid north of south australia between kapunda and peterborough.

Pygmy bluetongue lizard. It was considered to be extinct until it was rediscovered near burra mid north of south australia. The shingleback too is dark brown with or without blotches. Pygmy blue tongue skink tiliqua adelaidensis.

The adelaide pygmy blue tongue skink or pygmy bluetongue tiliqua adelaidensis is a species of skink a lizard in the family scincidae. It s the most unusual looking of the blue tongue lizards with its very short stumpy tail and large rough scales. The pygmy bluetongue lizard tiliqua adelaidensis is now only found in the mid north of south australia.

They are insanely small less than 11 centimeters from snout to vent and only live in a very small region north of the australian city of adelaide in south australia. The species was previously thought to be extinct and only rediscovered in 1992. Pygmy blue tongue lizards often choose to live in spider burrows.

As you probably guessed the pygmy blue tongue is a little fellow growing to about 90 mm. The role of private landholders is paramount in ensuring its conservation. With the exception of the pygmy blue tongue they are relatively large lizards up to 45 cm total length light bodied short limbed broad with distinct heads and dull teeth.

This is a video of the pigmy blue tongue skink from the bbc s life in cold blood documentary series. This amazing little lizard had not been seen in its natural habitat for more than 30 years when in the spring of 1992 a herpetologist examining the stomach contents of a roadkill eastern brown snake discovered the body of a pygmy blue tongue. The adelaide pygmy blue tongue skink is the smallest of all the blue tongues and the most threatened.

Associate professor gardner said to ensure the survival of the relocated lizards spiders living in the mid north may have to be relocated to tarlee as well to increase the number of burrows. Most species are diurnal ground foraging omnivores feeding on a wide variety of insects gastropods flowers fruits and berries.

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