Thursday, October 18, 2018

Why Is The Sun Important To The Earth

Without the sun the planet s oceans would freeze temperatures would drop and all life would die off without light or food. The sun provides the light and heat every living organism needs to exist.

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The sun gives us light.

Why is the sun important to the earth. The sun is very important in the formation of the clouds the rain and the winds. The sun warms our seas stirs our atmosphere generates our weather patterns and gives energy to the growing green plants that provide the food and oxygen for life on earth. With out the sun the earth and other planets would be lifeless rocks floating in space.

We would not have gravity to keep the earth in orbit. The sun is important to earth because it helps regulate the climate is the main source of energy for producers in the ecosystems and it keeps the oceans from freezing along with providing light. The sun s gravity keeps the earth and other planets on their places in the solar system.

We know the sun through its heat and light but other less obvious aspects of the sun affect earth and society. It provides the heat and light that power our planet making all life here possible. If just one of these factors changed dramatically it would impact all life on earth.

When the sun evaporates the water in the seas the lakes and the oceans the water vapour is formed. We learned in school that the sun is very essential to all life on earth. Without the sun the earth would be dark and cold and life would quickly disappear.

Today with people knowing almost everything about the sun the answer to why the sun is important is apparent. Without the sun then the earth may be floating endlessly in space. And the clouds are formed when the water vapour rises in the sky it cools and condenses forming the clouds.

The sun is important to earth because it warms the seas generates weather patterns stirs the atmosphere and provides energy to growing plants. Login or sign up for a premium account to view this content. Of the billions of stars in our galaxy the sun is the closest to earth.

Without the sun we would no energy to live no plants to eat no trees to give us oxygen or animals to roam. The sun warms the earth and makes it habitable for life.

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