Wednesday, November 14, 2018

How To Kill A Tree Without Detection

I have read mixed reviews with this idea and when it does work it takes a long time like over a year to kill a tree but basically you can hammer copper nails into a tree and the copper will slowly poison the tree to death. Another way you could kill a tree without being detected is to clear the dirt and grass away and put mulch down.

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Girdling is the easiest and most popular method for killing a tree without chemicals or herbicides but the tree will take many months to die from the process.

How to kill a tree without detection. Give it a month and that tree will be dead as a door nail. After you have dug in the dirt away you could quickly drill a couple holes into some roots. The girdle will need to be about 2 inches wide to kill a small tree and up to 8 inches wide for a large tree.

Start by pulling away any loose bark that gives you easier access to the trunk. You can girdle a tree with or without the use of herbicides to speed the process along. Another way to slowly poison a tree without anyone knowing is to use copper nails.

First live tissue of the tree is exposed for example by cutting the tree down and leaving a stump. Drill a deep hole into the tree towards the base and then fill with a mixture of diesel and roundup. If the stump were left without a treatment with weed killer suckers would sprout from the stump.

Now the best way to just get rid of said tree frill the bottom of the trunk with a heavy blade or hatchet combine burnt motor oil diesel fuel and round up into a mixture. Pour said mixture over the frilled area. To get the best results remove all layers of bark in a circle around the tree cutting about 1 5 inches deep with a hatchet or ax.

Girdling and paving a method of killing trees specifically girdling involves stripping the bark from around the circumference of the tree. Chemically killing a tree. When the bark is removed the tree cannot disperse the food created in its leaves down to its roots.

This method of killing a tree takes a few weeks to work. Go out to the tree and remove a piece of bark say at least the size of a matchbox from the base of the trunk. Get hold of a cordless power drill and fit the biggest bit into you can find.

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