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Purple And Yellow Fish

The royal gramma is a beautiful saltwater starter fish that is half purple and half yellow since purple and yellow are the colors of royalty the fish earned the common name. Bright lemon yellow with peach fringing of the dorsal fin and around the eye.

Purple Queen Anthias Pseudanthias Tuka Coral Reef Fish Salt

This species has a relatively long lifespan and are typically easy to care for.

Purple and yellow fish. They have a bright purple front and lemon yellow rear. They are found in schools throughout the tropical western atlantic ocean and are a relatively peaceful damselfish species. It is among the hardiest pseudochromis species easy to care for and generally mixes well with other semi aggressive fishes should not be kept with other basslets or dottybacks.

The sunshine chromis also known as the sunshine fish purple yellow chromis or olive chromis. These small reef fish grow only to about 3 inches and are great for beginners and in desktop tanks. Category people blogs.

6 cm 2 4 in yellow assessor. This fish is great for any size aquarium even a nano aquarium and is therefore one of the best saltwater aquarium fish for beginners. Comments are turned off advertisement autoplay when autoplay is enabled a suggested video will.

These fish easily recognizable with their purple and yellow stripes would clean algae off other fish who would hang suspended in the water while being cleaned. Sometimes referred to as a siamese fighting fish the betta is a popular fish known for it s distinctive fin shape and vibrant colors. Even though they are great community fish when keeping grammas it is very important to remember that they are very aggressive and territorial to others of their own kind.

It was pretty cool to watch. The top half of the fish is yellow while the lower half is white to purple. They are very hardy community fish that have a very peaceful demeanor.

Very similar to the royal gramma however the change from purple to yellow occurs farther down the body and the black markings are absent. As the fish matures the yellow coloration is lost to a beautiful pink coloration. The yellow purple wrasse is also known as the white or four spot wrasse and originates from the invertebrate rich waters of sri lanka.

Show more show less. 7 cm 2 8 in. This extremely sharp spine can be thought of as a surgeonfish s scalpel.

This photo and video at 2 25 were taken at kapalua bay in maui. These small round blue or purple fish are a type of surgeonfish so named because of the small yellow spike where the tail meets the body. Almost any color can be had but some of the more popular shades include blue purple red orange yellow white and black.

The purple pseudochromis pseudochromis porphyreus also known as the purple dottyback strawberry gramma and magenta dottyback is named for its vibrant purple body color. The juvenile form is yellow and white purple in coloration. Purple and yellow fish at aquarium for tv.

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