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How Do Reptiles Breathe

Amphibians frogs. They have to come to the surface to breathe.

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Once inside the organism the air passes through the palate.

How do reptiles breathe. The muscles around its ribs are the muscles used to breathe. The air passes to the lungs. Humans like most mammals breathe by negative pressure breathing.

This causes the pressure in the chest cavity to decrease and the lungs expand to fill the space. Air goes down the throat to the bronchi. Afterwards it only remains to expel carbon dioxide through the nose.

Like all other animals reptiles must take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide to stay alive. Although there are many methods of respiration in the animal kingdom all reptiles. Instead the snake moves air in and out of its lungs by expanding and contracting its rib cage.

Reptiles absorb air through the nose. Snakes do not have a diaphragm a muscle specially designed for helping air move through its body. Despite lacking a diaphragm muscle reptiles have a diaphragm type respiratory system and the act of breathing is accomplished by the reptile moving its throat or rib cage.

They don t have gills and if they swim underwater. Although respiration differs in each main reptile group all reptiles breathe air through the use of lungs. 1 the rib cage expands and the diaphragm contracts expanding the chest cavity.

In the bronchi it is divided. Reptiles breathe air through their nostrils and their mouths.

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