Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Pitbull Dog Vs Lion

Top 10 attacks 2020. Puma vs doberman wild animals kill dog duration.

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Actually lion vs pitbull dog due to the action of lion because lion is a mountain lion.

Pitbull dog vs lion. Hunting wild hunt tv 20 075 797 views. Jaguar tiger wolf crocodile kill dogs. In this video pitbull fight with a lion and show his anger.

Buffalo vs lion vs giraffe big battle of snake leopard. Lion is bigger than the pitbull lion is stronger lion is faster lion has very strong bite force compared to pitbull and many more. So watch the mountain lion vs pitbull fighting.

The lion is far stronger it can kill a dog with a single bite or blow from its paw and is armed with huge teeth and eighteen razor sharp. A lion is much larger then a pitbull with a lot more skill set to survive in the wild. A pitbull is much smaller in size and it is not really a fair comparison but it is for sure entertaining.

Wild animals hunting pitbull. Wild animals hunting pitbull by doki resme. Mountain lion vs dog fight.

Pit bull vs tiger vs leopard. Pit bull vs tiger vs leopard. Yes pitbull is also strong it is also a fighter and one of the.

Lion vs pitbull real fight dog vs monkey dog vs boars crazy animal attack compilation hd best tiger roar ever. A lion would kill a pit bull in a matter of seconds. Mountain lion vs dog fight.

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