Saturday, December 1, 2018

Planet Of Hats

Planet of the hats is a world of warcraft blog of opinionated polemic occasional analysis and intermittent ranting hosted by zamir and razzmatazz zamir oscillates wildly between shaman mage and death knight characters while razz floats tranquilly down the river of eternally playing the same old tatty night elf hunter. I ve been sitting here for almost three years now with planet of hats having exhausted all possible original cast television and movies.

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On their wagon train to the stars our intrepid heroes come across a planet whose inhabitants all share a single defining characteristic everybody is a robot or a gangster or a proud warrior race guy or an over the top actor or wearing a nice hat to some degree this is unavoidable.

Planet of hats. The nebari are presently attempting to make their home planet a planet of hats through brutal enforcement of the law to the point that dissenters are often simply brainwashed into perfect citizens. The next logical thing to start on would be the next generation but at seven long seasons more than twice as long as the original series the thought of beginning that was overwhelming. Or spend all day delicately manipulating political systems.

If it s the culture that stands out every individual will have a weakness for cold hard cash. Welcome to planet of hats this is a weekly webcomic recap of the episodes of star trek the original series. Women s hats men s hats hats by style army caps baseball caps beanies cowboy hats farmers hats fashion hats.

As a result the only nebari encountered in the show are either cold hearted police officers or rebellious criminals like chiana. Free shipping in the usa on orders over 20. I m aware they re not great and hopefully we ll see them improve as this goes along.

Or well wear the same sort of funny hats. You only have so much screen time or page space to develop and explore a culture. Planet of the hats.

The planet of the hats is a world that is uniform. The main goal of this comic is to improve my comic drawing skills. Sign in or create an account.

I think the culture of hats gets more jarring the more narrow the hat is a hat culture of peaceable farmers or even mounted warriors makes some level of sense you can build a culture where nearly everyone is a farmer that s most cultures when you get right down to it or even warriors if there are enough people in the area to raid.

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