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How To Get Rid Of Mole Rat Disease

This will prevent moles from burrowing into your lawn or garden. Mole rat disease is a potentially permanent effect the player character obtains if bitten by an infected mole rat in vault 81 during the quest hole in the wall the effect is 10 max hp.

Fallout 4 Mole Rat Disease Cure Austin And Yourself Science

Knowing a mole s.

How to get rid of mole rat disease. For moles dig a trench roughly 6 inches wide and 2 feet deep. During the dialogue with the doctor when he asks if you will give up the cure simply move around until you break the conversation go into your pip boy and use the cure. Armor or power armor makes you naked for molerats you should remember that you will still catch the disease if the mole rats bite you.

Equip an armor not for molerat but for other enemies. Then fill the trench with rock or line it with wire mesh or hardware cloth that has holes no bigger than 3 4 inches wide. Water your lawn thoroughly so the castor oil will sink into the soil.

Put down a sensory deterrent for moles. During the quest the sole survivor will obtain the only dose of the cure available. After completing the hole in the wall quest in vault 81 and giving austin the antidote i ve contracted molerat disease.

So where health is concerned the disease permanently lowers the sole survivor s level by 1. It also make the game look horrible so any help is appreciated. You can only cure yourself if you were selfish and didnt give the cure away.

I haven t found a way to get rid of the disease either through a doctor or a craftable and wanted to know if it s possible to get rid of it. You get the disease by being hit by the mole rats and sometimes from ing nothing if you are very very careful you can give away the cure and not have the disease. Carefully walk around your property to determine if you do have mole tunnels and locate.

Controlling moles and gophers where they dig is a big part of getting rid of them. A bug which might be patched out later can be used to get all the good of giving away the cure while actually keeping and using it for yourself. Pour castor oil into a garden hose attachment and spray your lawn giving particular attention to the holes and tunnels that appear active.

Voles gophers and groundhogs all create burrows and tunnels so simply seeing those in. Moles don t like the taste or smell of castor oil.

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