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Life Cycle Of A Kangaroo

It shows the life cycle of the kangaroo and then has a range of interactive activities to reinforce the learning. Kangaroo life cycle stages span life.

Circle Of Life Life Cycle Of A Kangaroo Vijita Mukherjee

Kangaroos are the largest marsupials in the world.

Life cycle of a kangaroo. Joeys will suckle on their mother s milk until they are around 12 18 months old when they will begin to adopt the usual kangaroo diet of grasses leaves and ferns. Hop this way for some marsupial madness. It is pink because it has not developed fur yet.

The lifecycle of a kangaroo by olivia liepins on prezi next adult at 2 years old most kangaroos will be old enough to have children of their own. A fully grown kangaroo can weigh as as much as a large man. When a kangaroo is born it is pink and naked from fur.

The first stage of a kangaroo s life cycle is a baby. The kangaroo s powerful legs allow it to make jumps of up to nine meters in distance and up to two and a half meters high. The pouch is still very much a safe haven from the outside world and joeys will still be carried in this comfortable papoose until they are kicked out to make room for younger brothers and sisters.

Grass grass trees young shoots and leaves of health plants make up the diet of these herbivores. Most kangaroos don t reach maturity due to a high mortality rate for embryos and baby kangaroos. Life cycle joeys spend 6 8 months in their mothers pouch they drink milk in their pouch by the time they are out they have hair and can see kangaroo s will be around 6 feet tall and will live up to 8 12 years old.

Life cycle of a kangaroo this resource contains an interactive whiteboard smart notebook activity. They can be found in australia tasmania and new guinea. Your child can learn about the life cycle of a kangaroo and how marsupials differ from mammals.

In the wild mature kangaroos live six years on average but they may live up to 20 years in captivity. Cut out the parts of the life cycle and paste them into the right spots on page 1. Standing on two legs the kangaroo is known for its strong hind legs and tail which it uses to hop up to 40 mph.

Predators dangerous especially for young kangaroos include wild dogs snakes foxes and eagles. Before a joey is born his her mother cleans out her pouch. It is about the size of a lima bean.

Kangaroos have an interesting life cycle.

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