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Olive Python Care

Food is generally presented to them on tongs which will elicit a strike and constriction of the food item. If this is the case it is best to remove them from their enclosure with a hook before handling.

Keeping Reptiles April 2010

It has a long head distinct from neck body long but robust and loose skinned.

Olive python care. Olive pythons need to be awakened with care and the use of a snake hook to initiate handling is recommended. Most olive pythons can become quite docile and enjoy time out of their enclosures if handled regularly from a young age. These are fed either freshly killed or frozen and thawed.

Some specimens will take food left on the floor of the cage. Pacific gopher snake black speckled palm pitviper. It is technically an advanced level species due to its size habitat requirements and strong feeding response requiring a terrarium of a minimum of 2 4 metres 8 ft long by 1 metre 3 ft high and 1 metre 3 ft wide.

Olive pythons are best housed separately except when breeding but if housing more than one together special care needs to be taken when feeding. Olive python care sheet liasis olivaceus the olive python is one of australia s largest snakes being exceeded in length only by the oenpelliensis python and the scrub python. The olive python is often kept as a pet and is bred in captivity.

As adults olive pythons will require a very large enclosure. Olive pythons can be fussy feeders often developing a liking for one kind of prey item and ignoring all others. Keep in mind that these snakes can have an aggressive feeding response.

At least 8ft x 3ft x 3ft will be needed with the bigger being better as hatchlings you do not want it to be too big though or the snake will stress so you may need to have the ability to block off sections or upgrade to a larger enclosure later. Olive pythons pictures of olive python olive python size olive python care olive python eating olive python enclosure published on january 11th 2017 by staff under snakes. Once the python realises that the keeper isn t on the menu it can be quite amendable to handling and makes an inquisitive and well adjusted pet.

It is best to keep young pythons in smaller enclosures as they can be intimidated by large spaces. Article was last reviewed on 13th june 2019.

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