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Life Cycle Of A Pig

Gestation pregnancy gilts female pigs reach maturity and are bred at 170 to 220 days of age. Fatteners or f inishing pigs.

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The production of pigs can be divided into six life stages.

Life cycle of a pig. Gilts female pigs that have not previously farrowed or given birth are usually introduced to boars. Pigs intended for meat can be killed as early as four months old. Pigs in the early stage of rearing.

This stage of a pig s life cycle lasts approximately two years so long as a farmer hasn t slaughtered it for its meat by then. Life cycle of a market pig from gestation to finishing. Gestating or dry sows.

Sows spend around 115 days or nearly four months in gestation and give birth to litters of. After the sows and gilts are mated they are moved into the dry sow or gestation area of the. Pigs in the latter stage of rearing.

114 days 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days nursery. Pigs from 10 weeks until slaughter age at about 6 months. Pigs from birth until weaning at 2 4 weeks.

From three to four weeks of age the piglets remain under the care of their mother. After delivering their first litter of pigs gilts are called sows. Pet pigs are not.

Gestation pregnancy is about 114 days or 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days. Pigs from weaning until the age of 10 weeks. Growers or growing pigs.

Life cycles for pigs a little litter.

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