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Global Food Inequalities

Food inequity refers to communities with limitations in resources and income are often not informed about the knowledge and variety of healthy foods in their area. However consumption of food has turned into overconsumption and this again brought food wastage with it.

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The global nutrition report 2020 calls on governments businesses and civil society to step up efforts to tackle malnutrition in all its forms as well as injustices in food and health systems 1 the report found that an increasing number of countries experience the double burden of malnutrition where undernutrition coexists with obesity.

Global food inequalities. According to recent facts of the fao 1 3 billion tons of all food in the world is wasted. These tons of food would be enough to feed 4 times all the hungry in the world. Explain that our world produces enough food for everyone.

Of course to live means to consume. Global policy debates are increasingly acknowledging the power relations that drive and maintain the inequalities underlying hunger and malnutrition. For breakfast nshima is commonly served thin and sometimes with sugar.

For other meals the consistency of nshima is thicker like mashed potato and it is eaten with meat fish or vegetables. But they do so unsystematically in ways that draw attention to the power of men over women in poor households for instance while sidelining the power of big firms over national food policies local markets and individual food choices. But that it is not spread out evenly so some people have more than they need while others struggle to survive.

Other local meals include ifisashi green vegetables in a peanut sauce and samp crushed maize and bean. Discuss global responsibility the role of aid fair trade and individuals in reducing food inequality. Discuss possible actions to allow students to respond to this experience.

Food inequity is a global issue. Food equity occurs because certain communities do not have access to high quality foods.

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