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National Geographic Font

Geograph is the official brand typeface of national geographic the cross platform media company best known for its yellow framed magazine. The national geographic colors with hex rgb codes has 2 colors which are jonquil ffd51c and black 000000.

The Timeless Beauty Of National Geographic Retinart

The font used for its logo is probably itc stone sans ii com condensed semibold designed by sumner stone with slight modification on some letters.

National geographic font. Two years ago national geographic announced it would be revamping its identity. The cover text along with the yellow box is instantly recognizable and creates a strong brand image. The distinctive lettering on national geographic s maps is know for its detail and legibility even with the smallest sized fonts.

National geographic uses a custom font natgeo semibold for its magazine cover and story text. In the 1930s the national geographic society s cartographic division began to look at automating typefaces for its map production. National geographic font 1.

English language names are approximate equivalents of the hexadecimal color codes. National geographic maps until the early 1930s most of our maps were hand lettered a slow and tedious process requiring great patience and even greater skill. What font is national geographic.

Dec 26 2016 at 17 37. This color combination was created by user keshav naidu. The hex rgb and cmyk codes are in the table below.

Previous discussions have suggested that this is a proprietary font derived from. The closest font you can get for the national geographic logo is itc stone sans std semibold font. About national geographic channel font.

What font does national geographic use. Welcome to myfonts the 1 place to download great font face webfonts and desktop fonts. Natgeo semibold is a serif font which features small lines attached to the letters strokes.

Stone sans semibold suggested by donshottype 2. Dec 26 2016 at 14 43. Classics baskerville futura garamond alongside hot new fonts macklin alkes tt lakes neue.

National geographic channel is an american digital cable and satellite television channel that features documentaries with factual content involving nature science culture and history etc.

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