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Are There Crocodiles In Tasmania

Crocodiles are ectothermic reptiles meaning they do not generate their own body heat but instead rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. There are two distinct species of croc native to the northern territory.

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Cyclodomorphus she oak skink cyclodomorphus casuarinae endemic.

Are there crocodiles in tasmania. The crocodile industry crocodiles are farmed very successfully in tropical australia. A shop in launceston s george st used to sell baby crocodiles as luxury pets. Crocodiles do not occur in tasmania naturally and the only logical explanation i can see is that people could have had crocodiles in their private dwellings then released them into the wild as.

For crocodiles the optimum body temperature is about 30oc 86of. Bassiana eastern three lined skink bassiana duperreyi. This is a list of reptiles occurring in tasmania.

With their sheer size they grow up to seven metres 23 feet long salties resemble dinosaurs more than any other modern day animal. There are three main products of crocodile farms. Egernia white s skink egernia whitii.

Farms maintain small breeding populations and raise the hatchlings for several years usually in large shallow lagoons or ponds until they reach marketable size usually around a meter in length. Rankinia mountain dragon rankinia diemensis. Both freshwater and saltwater crocodiles can be found in the waters and river systems around the city but it is the larger species the saltwater crocodile that captures the imagination.

The smaller of the two the freshwater crocodile or freshie is generally less aggressive rarely grows larger than 3 metres 10 feet and mostly eats fish and birds. Crocodiles do not occur in tasmania naturally but they have been kept in private homes in the state before. As other answers have stated there are no crocodilian species fresh or salt water in the state of tasmania australia.

Tasmanian crocodiles are exceptionally dangerous but here s how you keep them under control more years ago than i can get my head around it seems volcanoes were something of a common sight in these the more southerly latitudes of what was once.

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