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Colours In Korean

Colour names can include this word or it can be omitted. Words for colours in korean with native korean and sino korean words for each colour.

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The color blue is associated.

Colours in korean. White is the most commonly used color in korea. Basic colors in korean 노란색 yellow. There is the word that means just the color.

검은색 까만색 black. The word color also occasionally translates to 빛깔 bitkkal in korean. The korean word for colour is 색 色 saek.

Historically commoners wore white hanboks a traditional. A colors are perceived differently in different cultures. Most eastern and asian cultures relate green with new and eternal life new beginnings fertility youth health and prosperity.

For example green can be considered lucky black usually symbolizes death white is for purity and goodness and red can mean passion but don t write names in red. All words and sentences are spoken by real korean natives and this helps you in learning the correct pronunciation. You will also likely be understood just fine if you use the konglish word 컬러 kheolleo color instead but our advice would be to use 색 saek instead.

Green in korea symbolizes a fresh start youth new energy and more. First off colors can come in a couple forms. Colors in korean orange 주황색 juhwangsaek yellow 노란색 noransaek blue 파란색 paransaek red 빨간색 bbalgansaek green 초록색 choroksaek black 검정색 geomjeongsaek brown 갈색 galsaek pink 분홍색 bunhongsaek purple 보라색 borasaek white 흰색 heuinsaek.

These are a little more complicated than color words in english but you should be able to handle them. There are a few ways to deal with color words in korean and i will teach you the most basic common way. There are color verbs.

The sino korean ones are followed by hanja. You ve now learned that the word for color in korean is 색 saek. To convey this image many traditional institutions have changed their sign boards in gold or black to a modern looking symbol in green.

Meaning of certain colors in korean some koreans ascribe certain meanings to certain colors. The color black is associated with mastery and the ending point of a cycle in korea. Learn korean reading korean writing and korean speaking with these free words and sentences about all the colors that you need to know.

Traditional korean colors white. Nicknamed the emerald isle for its luscious green countryside green is the national color in ireland and it s associated with good luck leprechauns shamrocks and saint patrick.

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