Thursday, June 13, 2019

Storm Rat Bait

To control mice use 20 grams 1 storm block of bait per bait point. In case of a black rat infestation above ground bait stations should be used.

30 Pcs Rat Poison Blocks Bait Killer Rodenticide Rodent Bait

Try to establish a barrier of.

Storm rat bait. Place 12 storm baits at each bait location and 4 in each rat hole. Storm secure rat bait hutch diy the new fastest most cost effective solution for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control. The storm rat bait 500g is made of crushed grain and wax block containing 0 005 flocoumafen and just one mouthful is enough to kill.

Storm secure baiting in this way prevents the first rats and mice feeding at any stage consuming far more than a lethal dose of rodenticide allowing less dominant later feeding individuals access to the bait as rapidly and reliably as possible once their more dominant early feeding contemporaries are dead or dying. Place the bait points at 5 to 10 metre intervals depending on the size of the infestation. Inspect the bait locations after 3 days and select.

When targeting rats use 40 60 grams 2 3 storm blocks of bait per bait point. Storm rodenticide is a potent anticoagulant that will eliminate rats and mice following a single feed but extermination occurs after several days and thus bait shyness and the need for pre baiting are avoided. The new fastest most cost effective solution for indoor and outdoor rat and mouse control.

A blue hexagonal block with a central hole allows each 20gm clock to be anchored securely in baiting points for the best targeting. Storm knows for the best success you need to think like a fish. Storm rodenticide wax block bait select suitable bait locations such as active rat holes along rat runs and under rubbish.

Repeat the inspection. Storm lures are built for your next ultimate catch. Most infestations will be eliminated in 21 days.

Benifits of storm secure bait designed for agricultural use suitable for both rats and mice palatable for rodents prevents bait shyness suitable for inside sheds and outhouses hole in the middle of each block. It is effective against rats and mice including resistant strains. Legendary classic hard baits to cutting edge soft plastics storm lures offer anglers a wide variety of body shapes and sizes to cover any fishing situation.

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