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Caper White Butterflies

Adult caper white butterflies are mostly white with black margins to their upper wings and. The caper white butterfly migration is a rare phenomenon that only happens every six to ten years.

Butterfly Migration Turns Queensland Into Fairytale Land Starts

The last caper white butterfly migration happened in 2016 and was believed to have been caused by warm and stormy weather in the butterflies normal habitat.

Caper white butterflies. The caper white butterfly belenois java description. The caper white butterfly is most commonly found in the west of queensland and in new south wales on the other side of the great dividing range. Caper white butterflies live in urban.

Belenois aurota the pioneer or pioneer white or caper white is a small to medium sized butterfly of the family pieridae that is the yellows and whites which is found in south asia and africa. Every 6 to 10 years south east queensland and brisbane have a huge influx of caper white butterflies. In central australia the life cycle of caper white butterflies is mostly tethered to their host plants the native passionfruit capparis spinosa and the wild orange c mitchelli.

The migration of the brown veined white butterfly it is reported that it is the annual migration of the brown veined white butterfly. In africa it is also known as the brown veined white 2 and is well known during summer and autumn when large numbers migrate north east over the interior. It is highly migratory and is often confused with the cabbage white pieris rapae.

Caterpillars feed exclusively on species of caper bushes capparis. Caper white is known one of the migratory species. Belenois java the caper white or common white is a small butterfly of the family pieridae found in australia indonesia and melanesia.

These butterflies are also known as south africa s most common. There is no simple answer as to why this happens. Spinosa caper native passionfruit thrives on alluvium such as river banks creeks and floodouts while c mitchelli wild orange favours foot slopes and rocky uplands the final bastion for a fire sensitive species.

Females are a bit larger than the male and have wider black borders on wings. Caper white butterfly introduction. The caper white belenois java is a medium sized butterfly that can be found across much of australia.

They migrate east over the great dividing range looking for food plant to lay their eggs. Caper white butterflies belenois java often migrate during spring in huge numbers. The caper white lives mainly west of the great dividing range where it feeds on caper shrubs but is.

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