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Body Parts In Chinese

Yì zhī qīnɡ wā sì tiáo tuǐ liǎnɡ zhī yǎn jinɡ yì zhānɡ zuǐ 一只青蛙四条腿 两只眼睛一张嘴. Babies have small hands small feet small arms calves.

Chinese 2 Topic 10 Body Parts Organs Diagram Diagram Quizlet

Go back to the chinese words menu to learn other body parts and more words.

Body parts in chinese. Check out the chinese words you 039 ll need to use when you are talking about body parts. It also can be taken as a game. 宝宝有小手 小脚 小胳膊 小腿和小肚子 bǎobǎo yǒu xiǎoshǒu xiǎojiǎo xiǎo gēbó xiǎotuǐ hé xiǎo dùzi.

Learn chinese in a fun and easy way through chinese buddy songs. There is also culture and chinese language information available for free. 41 51 song 我爱家人wǒ ài jiārén i love my family 가족송 duration.

Have fun with this children movement song and learn the chinese body parts such as hands shoulder and head. 心脏 xīn zàng heart 肝 gān liver 肺 fèi lung s 胃 wèi stomach 大肠 dà cháng large intestine 小肠 xiǎo cháng small intestine 脖子 bó zi neck 背 bèi back 胸 xiōng chest 肚子 dù zi abdomen belly 肩膀 jiān bǎng shoulder s 胳膊 gē bo arm s 胳膊肘 gē bo zhǒu elbow s. I would like to share a tongue twister to memorize some body parts and also count numbers in chinese.

Learn chinese for kids body parts family feelings duration. Let s make some sentences with these words. Sentence examples of chinese body parts words.

We use simplified chinese characters on one side then pin yin english images on the reverse side. Rock n learn 407 318 views. 0 00 basic body parts song 2 32 the chinese face song 6 18 head.

There are many interesting ways to memorize these chinese body parts vocabulary. Learn body parts in mandarin chinese through these 3 easy songs. There are also many chinese phrases you can quickly learn.

Now you re a little bit closer to becoming a chinese doctor. This list is for learning the body parts in mandarin chinese. Seeks to be the leading provider of hip cool mandarin chinese language learning for american kids.

Theme vocabulary pack body parts in chinese for kids. Learn chinese words and pinyin by singing along with our best friend brobot. Your efforts to learn chinese will be worth your time.

Learning chinese body parts i.

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