Saturday, October 12, 2019

Do Elephants Cry

Elephants exhibit many forms of communication and behaviors that are similar to things that humans do when we cry or have certain emotions. Elephants are capable of producing tears from their temporal glands but to call this an emotional response like crying is not something scientists have been willing to do because it can t be proved.

Ivory Ella Elephants Cry Play Have Incredible Facebook

However we do not know what emotions elephants feel if any in the same manner that we do not necessarily know for sure.

Do elephants cry. Elephants can cry it s somewhat controversial to say elephants weep and laugh. At one website called do elephants cry. It may be the bright sunlight reflecting off the white gravel surface it may be the dust off the gravel it may be traffic fumes and dust from the busy highway just a few meters away could be the sharp gravel hurting it s feet.

The pain and drudgery which captive elephants endure is enough to make any animal cry. Elephants use dirt as sunscreen. These similarities in communication and behaviors lead many of us to believe that elephants probably experience similar emotions to humans.

Some advocacy groups say elephants are crying because they re sad but scientists say that elephants don t have tear ducts. Though their hide looks tough elephants have sensitive skin that. If the latter is true where is that liquid coming fr it s fairly common for people looking at elephants to notice that they have liquid seeping from the corners of their eyes.

On a lighter note let s point out how elephants like to play in the dirt and for good reason. A baby elephant called zhuangzhuang was rejected by its mother in 2013. Do elephants really cry.

During the release it was noted that the elephant appeared to be crying as tears were seen coming from his eyes. Critics say we risk anthropomorphizing behaviors that may have other explanations. I found the following quote.

The case became widely known and raju was called in many headlines and news articles the crying elephant.

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