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Hedgehog Life Cycle

Hibernation however is more than just sleeping for a long time. When you were a few weeks old you were just a baby.

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Hedgehogs mate shortly after waking from hibernation.

Hedgehog life cycle. Whereas for the smaller species they are able to like anywhere from 2 5 years in average which is comparable to the lifespan of a mouse. Lack of predators and controlled diet contribute to a longer life span in captivity. This is the perfect time to start putting out supplementary food and water as they will be extremely thirsty and hungry.

That is the prickles life cycle. The life cycle of the hedgehog hibernation. Hedgehogs will begin to emerge from hibernation having potentially lost 1 3 of their body weight during their rest.

The gestation period how long a female hedgehog is pregnant in between 4 and 6 weeks. A wild hedgehog lifespan can last up to 4 7 years for the larger ones some with the abundance of food and good climates they are able to live up to a good 16 years. The small species of hedgehogs can have up to three or four hoglets.

Now the big prickler has permanent spines. Hedgehog quills are made from keratin much like human nails. But hedgehogs are a lot quicker about.

The average hedgehog can live up to 3 5 years. Some species can live up to nine years. Females give birth to between 1 and 11 young.

The life cycle of a hedgehog. The male hedgehog plays no part in bringing up the young. You definitely couldn t get a job or go find your own food at that age.

Hedgehogs hibernate to bypass the cold months of the year when food becomes scarce. They fall out in the next two weeks of their life. Larger species of hedgehogs live 4 7 years in the wild some have been recorded up to 16 years and smaller species live 2 4 years 4 7 in captivity compared to a mouse at 2 years and a large rat at 3 5 years.

The larger species can have up to five or six hoglets. According to the african wildlife foundation awf a hedgehog can have as many 6 000 quills on its body. The hedgehog to some extent puts itself into a type of suspended animation.

Hedgehogs are blind at birth and totally reliant upon their mother.

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