Friday, October 4, 2019

The Power Of The Universe

We each have an internal view of the powers at work around us and we respond to people and situations based on these beliefs. We are living humans.

Blockchain Gives You The Power Of The Universe Eleserv

The observable matter is spread over a space of at least 93 billion light years across.

The power of the universe. This is a key to the new age and to being more in harmony with the mother earth. The controller is god. Find the power of henry s imagination in these formats.

You can either live in the light or the darkness the separateness or the oneness. The more we channel the power of the universe the more we will raise the consciousness of all life on earth. Universe does not have knowledge wisdom brain thinking power eyes noes ears mouth.

It is under one control. And more importantly we have god. It does not have life.

When we give the universe reciprocates. In physics the age of the universe is estimated at about 13 7 billion years give or take about 200 million years. Connect with the power of the universe.

In other words in a given situation we believe this power or that power rules. Why we are better than universe. There is only one whose power rules all but do we function as if we believe that.

When someone says the universe is sending us a signal it probably is. Imagination is the creative force of the universe. Universe is nothing but stones gases fire etc.

When you are in the darkness the circumstances of life have total power. We can use this inextricable link to our advantage because the energy we put out circulates right back to us. Religion did not came from universe nor god.

Our bodies and our minds are in constant interaction with cosmic forces even during an unconscious state. In other words the universe is very old and large and possibly infinite in volume. What are the powers of the universe.

The mother earth is a living breathing conscious goddess who has chosen to allow us to live here. There are two domains of life. When you are in the light the circumstances of life have no power.

The power of henry s imagination is a picture story book exploring one of the secret principles. We would like to show you a description here but the site won t allow us. You are full of love and life works incredibly.

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