Saturday, December 21, 2019

How To Catch Dolphin Fish

You can spot a school of feeding fish by watching for a flock of diving birds. Small dark spots on sides.

Fishing For Dolphin In Key West Florida

Dolphin fish travel around almost all tropical and sub tropical waters over the planet.

How to catch dolphin fish. These fish pull hard and will straighten most cheap low quality hooks. Use quality hooks especially when it comes to ganged hooks. The dolphin coryphaena hippurus a blaze of blue and yellow or deep green and yellow when in the water and sometimes shows dark vertical stripes as well when excited.

Dolphin fish are only found in deeper waters fishing by boat is the best way to target them when hooked hold on. If a larger dolphin doesn t clobber the plug an entire school will chase it back to the boat at which point the school fish outfits come into play. You need to try match the hatch and often a small lure can catch the biggest fish.

As you move to the birds you may find that the feeding fish are not dolphin. Mahi mahi can swim at speeds of 50knts. Never mind that just get some baits out.

My favorite plug colors are mahi dolphin eat their young blue silver flying fish a natural forage and gold black bar jacks and banded rudderfish. Seas ranging in temperature from the higher 60 s to mid 80 s are primary spots for mahi. Try using some very small skirted lures like the soft grassy if you re not getting any action.

Most mahi are caught as a by catch if you will whilst anglers are trolling for some other species such as tuna or marlin. Larger dolphin will follow schools of other fish like false albacore or bonito and feed along with them.

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