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Does Sour Cream Go Off

According to clemson university cooperative extension service sour cream stays fresh for up to two weeks. Store sour cream in a closed container in your refrigerator which should be set at a temperature of between 38 and 40 degrees fahrenheit.

Can You Freeze Sour Cream

One sign that isn t of concern is separation.

Does sour cream go off. But if the odor gets somewhat sharp sour or off in any other way discard the cream. As a dairy product sour cream is a perishable item with a shelf life of two weeks and can go bad even if unopened. Department of agriculture places the time period between seven and 14 days.

If the sour cream has been sitting at a temperature above 40 degrees for two hours or more such as during a long power outage the sour cream should be tossed out. If nothing seems amiss consider it safe to use. At this point you should use up your sour cream in the next few days.

Generally unopened sealed sour cream will go bad approximately two weeks after the date on the container. Before we go through signs of spoilage let s briefly touch upon sour cream getting watery on top. If it s good enough feel free to use it otherwise throw it out.

Obviously it s nowhere near butter in terms of long lasting but it s not that bad. We know that sour cream already gives off a sour smell. While sour cream contains cultured cream and usually preservatives it does go bad.

Last but not least it s time to do the taste test. If that is the case it is recommended that you throw it right away. Use your judgment after seven days and definitely discard the product after it s been open for two weeks.

Inspect your sour cream to make sure it hasn t developed mold an off color or an off smell. But if it is already spoiled it will have a strange smell one that goes beyond its usual sourness. This date is typically called the sell by date or best by date.

A regular sour cream has a certain level of sourness. And sour cream is one of those that don t go bad in a matter of a few days of opening the container. When sour cream is beginning to go bad the water will separate and begin to pool.

You can tell if sour cream has gone bad if you notice dark mold on its surface bright bacterial marks pockets of watery liquid and a sharp bitter flavor. A spoiled sour cream will have a bad and bitter taste. They give a seven to 21 day window for using sour cream assuming it s been refrigerated at 40 f.

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