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Dog Breed With Dreadlocks

The spanish water dog. Another dog breed known for its dreadlocks the puli is another hungarian dog breed that s.

Bergamasco Shepherd The Dog With Dreads

The puli is perhaps the best known of all of the dreadlocked dog breeds and has a working history as a sheepdog in hungary.

Dog breed with dreadlocks. Dog breeds with dreadlocks. A close cousin of the komondor the puli sports thinner cords that also form naturally when the outer and inner. 6 dog breeds with dreadlocks and how that even works komondor.

The hungarian puli is a large dog with dreadlocks. This ancient breed was bred to work with livestock and is packed with the necessary energy to run after herds all day long. 5 dog breeds that sport dreadlocks.

Bergamasco on an italian alp by luigi guidobono cavalchini josephine06 licensed. Spanish water dog with their usual short haired grooming the spanish water dog may not look like a corded breed but its fur does in fact form dreadlocks when left to its own devices. Discovering 3 dogs breeds with natural dreadlocks.

The komondor is an old breed from hungary. Pulik were then used in hungary as sheep herding dogs where their thickly corded coats protected them from the harsh mountain winter weather. The american kennel club describes this breed as having a coat covered with an unusual heavy coat of white cords.

The name derives from koman dor meaning cuman dog. This herd watching phenom is officially a national treasure in hungary where the breed earned its keep for. It is thought that the breed was brought into europe around a thousand years ago by asian nomads.

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