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Chinese Food Pregnancy

The old chinese folk culture has many guidelines for the pregnant woman s diet. In addition the studies have also found that when a pregnant woman consumes chinese food the msg content in it can reach the foetus and affect its growth.

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Chinese medicine views our digestion as a fire.

Chinese food pregnancy. If it is prepared in hygiene place using less oil it won t cause any harm. Read more on chinese food advise. Eating warm well cooked easy to digest food keeps the spleen stomach and uterus warm which is especially important during pregnancy.

Chinese cuisine that is available in india is known to contain msg monosodium glutamate. As long as you are not sensitive to msg it is usually safe to eat chinese food during pregnancy. Squid will make your womb sticky.

If you are pregnant it is best to avoid it since it could cause allergic reactions headaches and even hot flashes. Drinking milk will lighten the baby s skin. Fact 6 the non essential amino acids present in msg can stunt the skeletal growth of the baby inside the womb causing certain developmental disorders.

The high sugar content of sauces used in chinese preparations makes it a no no for pregnant women. You believe the myth or not there is more to know about having chinese foods in pregnancy. Though this chinese food item is very beneficial for all times but can be beneficial during pregnancy too.

So if you want to practise clean eating during pregnancy it is better to stay off chinese cuisine. The sodium in msg is your biggest concern when you are pregnant. Pregnant women have great cravings for chinese food.

Reasons to avoid chinese food during pregnancy. It s important to keep the fire steadily burning while not letting it rage out of control or burn out. Eating a dish of crabs will grant your baby an additional finger or a toe and also make them mischievous.

It can also cause heart palpitations and numbness around the face and neck area in extreme allergic reaction cases. Avoid fried chinese foods high in fat and calories such as egg rolls. But if your craving gets the better of you choose the healthy foods.

Stick to noodles rice steamed vegetables low mercury fish and lean meats. The consumption of chinese food during pregnancy can make your morning sickness worse. If you are really worried be sure to find a restaurant that offers dishes with low doses of msg and sodium.

Msg is used in chinese food to enhance its taste. The liberal usage of vinegar especially in dishes like sushi also puts the cuisine under the scanner. Common chinese pregnancy food beliefs.

High levels of sodium can cause problems for anyone especially you and your unborn baby. Steamed vegetables like avocado broccoli carrots beans spinach and others have great nutritional values. Rice noodles steamed.

According to most experts some of the effects of high sodium levels in the body are high blood pressure swelling and dehydration.

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