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French Traditional Dress

Many french people dress in a sophisticated professional and fashionable style but it is not overly fussy. While france does experience hot temperatures in the summer most french men and women do not wear.

1929 Color Print Brittany France Villagers Traditional Costume

As a result many american tourists.

French traditional dress. Words like effortless and undone come to mind but we suspect it s partly the things french women don t do that make them so fashionable. Because france is divided into many different regions there is actually no national dress. The traditional dress in france depends on the region but consists of items like lace trimmed blouses aprons with colorful flowers and white flared bonnets.

Fashion in france is an important subject in the culture and country s social life as well being an important part of its economy. When feminine dress was divided into bodice caraco and skirt and certain masculine festive clothes included the culotte à la français and the three cornered hat the chief variations of the traditional costume since the hundred years war had taken place. And because french women are truly in a sartorial league of their own the rest of the world is on a constant quest to emulate them.

It seems that the only thing they have in common is that men wear pants women skirts and both wear hats of different styles. Each french region has their own traditional dress and they are very different from each other. What type of clothing do the french wear.

Although regional clothing like the headdress and embroidered dress of the alsace region is no more fashion remains a tradition. In the 19th century fashion made a transition into special. Both french men and women wear sophisticated elegant clothing.

The one thing that france s regional costumes have in common is that they are all based on late 18th century rural clothing. Typical outfits include nice dresses suits long coats scarves and berets. While a lot of foreigners imagine striped shirts a knotted scarf and berets as a traditional french outfit the reality is as varied as any other western culture.

During the 17th century fashion exploded into a rich industry for exportation and local consumption the royal minister of finances jean baptiste colbert says fashion is to france what the gold mines of peru are to spain. What are the mysterious qualities that make french women so stylish. Fashion design and production became prominent in france since 15th century.

For the most part french women dress in a grown up neutral palette of black white beige and brown and add pops of color to their look with accessories say a red handbag or a brightly.

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