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How To Draw A Fly

265 subscribers step 1. Draw a circle as a guide for the front part of the fly s body or thorax.

How To Draw A Fly Step By Step

Draw an arc on the left side of the circle to complete the guide for the fly s thorax.

How to draw a fly. Draw the body and add the front legs. After you re done don t forget to show off your finished work. The eye that is facing away from the viewer should only be poking out about 1 3 the way from behind the fly s head.

Add the leg details. This tutorial will show you how to draw a fly by using line work and subtle details on the legs. Begin by drawing the fly s head.

The best part of drawing a fly you can really use your imagination. Print tutorial click image for. We hope you follow along with us.

Step by step instructions for drawing a fly 1. The circle doesn t have to be perfect. Complete the front section.

For the first part of the body draw a simple oval shape. Draw the beginning step of the body. Then use a second line to enclose another.

Wow today we re learning how to draw this really cool fly. How to draw a fly step 1. Use a curved line to enclose an elongate shape at the base of the head.

Each is a little larger than the rest of the fly s head. Add a circle on the left side of the thorax as the. Next add a longer oval shape to the bottom of your smaller oval.

The arc should be wide. When starting your sketch there is only two things you need a pencil and a piece of paper. The beginning of this lesson is simple and the coloring portion is a bit more advanced.

Also draw in the fly s very small antennae which sit between its eyes. Sketch the 4 additional legs. Draw the front of the flies head nose.

How to draw fly step by step drawing for kids learn easy and simple drawings fly drawing video for kids learn drawing very easy and simple steps with fly. Use a series of curved lines to outline the shape of the head. Let s draw a fly.

Draw your fly s massive eyes.

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