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Turtle Excluder Device

Management of federal shrimp fisheries. Turtle excluder devices teds and sea turtles share the united states national oceanic and atmospheric administration noaa national marine fisheries service nmfs conducted research during the 1970s and 1980s that suggested that sea turtle mortality caused by accidental drowning in mechanical shrimp trawls was a major factor in the decline of sea turtle populations worldwide.

Bottom Trawl Catch Comparison In The Mediterranean Sea Flexible

Turtle excluder devices commonly called teds promote sea turtle conservation by addressing interactions between sea turtles and trawl fishing gear.

Turtle excluder device. Teds were originally designed to exclude the capture of turtle or other large animals in shrimp nets so as to lend protection to this endangered species from capture. Turtle excluder device regulations sea turtle bycatch observer data. In addition to our work on teds noaa fisheries is responsible for the.

Noaa fisheries produces data on observed sea turtle interactions and reports. Turtle excluder device ted is a device fitted to a net or modification that allows turtles to escape immediatly after capture in the net. A turtle excluder device or ted is a specialized device that allows a captured sea turtle to escape when caught in a fisherman s net.

They contain a rigid barrier grid which is attached to the circumference of the net and guides turtles towards an escape hole either above or below the grid. Turtle excluder devices also known as teds are designed to help turtles swim out of fishing nets if they are accidentally caught. These devices are made of metal bars and mesh that fit inside the neck of a trawl net.

In order to catch shrimp a fine meshed trawl net is needed. In particular sea turtles can be caught when bottom trawling is used by the commercial shrimp fishing industry.

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