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Why Do Cats Pull Their Fur Out

What causes a cat to pull out its fur what you can do to stop it. Please take your cat to the vet.

Cat Overgrooming Belly

Antibiotics may be necessary if your cat has pulled the fur out and made the skin sore or infected.

Why do cats pull their fur out. Cats often also pull out their hair due to anxiety. Pinpointing the cause of the itch however can be a challenge. Cats tend to pull out their hair usually by accident when overgrooming themselves due to having itchy skin matted fur or even due to stress.

The answer to why do cats pull out their fur is a complex one. The fact that your cat seems to be grooming more often doesn t necessarily mean he needs a. Try these products to help sooth your cat s anxiety and fix the behavior.

Hyperthyroidism could also be responsible for cats pulling their hair out. The only way to treat this condition is to get your kitty examined and tested for the thyroid test at your vet s clinic. Your cat is pulling out it s own hair.

If you have ruled out infestation and medical reasons anxiety is often the cause. But this much fur indicates something serious. It could be alopecia hopefully spelled correctly it could be a bad case of ringworm or ticks and fleas.

If a cat has been deprived or abused in the past this too could often cause the cat to become extremely anxious. There can be many reasons cats pull out their fur including food allergies infestation systemic medical causes and stress related called psychological alopecia in cats. In this case the skin may glisten or appear moist there may be a sticky discharge or the area smells.

The cat may become anxious due to several reasons the most common being a change in its surroundings or the addition of a new pet to the family. Contrary to how it may seem your cat hasn t suddenly decided he would rather be a member of the. A cat pulling hair out is likely dealing with a skin condition allergies parasites hormone condition skin infection or possibly anxiety.

You feel somehow it s your fault even though it s not. It s a hormonal imbalance and glandular disorder caused by excessive secretion of the thyroid hormone. Most veterinarians start by performing a physical examination which includes looking for external parasites such as fleas mites or lice.

Treat your cat with antibiotics if its skin becomes infected. An itchy cat may respond by scratching but in other cats itchiness can manifest as hair pulling and licking. If you re a cat parent and suddenly find your precious fur ball has bald spots it s very upsetting.

The common cause of alopecia in cats are. Stress and anxiety pain parasitic infestation skin infections allergies poor diet hyperthyroidism inherited condition.

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