Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Builder Base 4

This builder hall 4 layout is the logic expansion of the popular bh3 layout that uses the double layer walls and open from three side and all three sode is covered by traps that means boxer giants will push into the crusher the spring traps are directly behind so it s likely that your opponent will lose 2 3 boxer giants in the beginning. Upgrading the builder barracks can unlock more builder base troops.

Clash Of Clans Builder Base Layout Dans Download Builder Base Maps

Also important here is that the whole base is covered by archer towers and cannon so mass archer attackers will waste a lot of time and not get anywhere near a 2 star.

Builder base 4. These layouts can defend against bombers boxer giants and archers. This new base layout for builder hall 4 is insanely effective with the setup of the crusher as well as the other defenses and the walls funneling troops right into the traps. Builder hall 4 popular bh4 base 2019.

Best bh4 layout anti 1 star link. You can also research builder base troops in the star laboratory to make them more powerful. Army elixir troops dark elixir troops builder base troops heroes spells dark spells siege machines builder base troops are trained in the builder barracks.

Builder hall 4 base anti 1 star and now i will show you bh4 base designs 2019 and these builder hall 4 base brought me up to around 2500 3000 trophies where i am almost always matched against bh5s. Battle with all new troops including raged barbarian sneaky archer boxer giant bomber cannon cart and the. Builder base 4 level must have a uniform circular defense without obvious and attractive sides for.

Builder hall 4 base bh4 builder base defense replay base layout clash of clans journey to the builder base and discover new buildings and characters in a new mysterious world. Training troops in the builder base does not cost any elixir. Only latest and best builder hall 4 base design anti 1 star layouts.

Best builder hall 4 base copy link 2020hey folks this is one of the best and biggest update by the clash of clans. Builder base i m sitting at 1500 or so to complete my walls before going builder hall 4. I agree with your upgrade recommendation of 4th camp but everyone needs to keep in mind the storage needs to be upgraded to house the needed elixir for the fourth army camp.

The layout of builder hall 4 level should be compact this will help to protect themselves from sneaky archers who can. Looking for a decent builder hall 4 base to gain some trophies. Bh4 base layout anti boxer giant link.

Check out more than 20 different bh4 layouts and pick the best fit for you. Hop inside to have a look at these ring protected with crushers specially designed for you. The layout of builder hall 4 level may have the following selection criteria.

The bh4 is protected by cannon from another compartment with archer towers in the other compartment which makes it an unusual situation if they are unable to break the walls then i guess its the end of the versus battle.

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