Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Dutch Box Plant

Plant 25 30cm apart for a border low hedge. It should be clipped to maintain a formal shape.

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Six months ago i planted well over 100 japanese box buxus japonica plants in hedges in the front and back gardens.

Dutch box plant. Rustic old fashioned planters beautifully accent homes with unrivaled beauty. Dutch box naturally grows in a rounded shape and is also great for pots and topiary. About a week ago i suddenly became aware that most of the plants in the back yard and a selected row in the front yard had started taking on a bronzed appearance.

It has the same small glossy green leaves although slightly rounder. Dutch box likes full sun to part shade in moist well drained soil but will tolerate a wide range of soils and conditions. Box hedge varieties english box buxus sempivirens boxoz boxoz lonicera box leaf privet ligustrum undulatum dutch box buxus sempervirens suffruticosa japanese or korean box buxus microphylla tom thumb japanese spindle bush euonymus japonicus microphyllus.

Dutch box or dwarf edging box buxus sempervirens suffruticosa a widely used slow growing evergreen dwarf buxus which naturally forms a very compact dense round shape. Cool temperate arid semi arid mild tropical view growing. Amish planters by dutchcrafters are authentically handcrafted by the amish.

Like english box ensure that it doesn t dry out and feed with plenty of organic materials during spring and autumn. Dutch box is a dwarf box that grows with dense glossy green foliage and works well in shaded areas. The boxwood genus buxus spp consists of about 70 species of evergreen shrubs characterized by small rounded evergreen leaves and star shaped flowers.

Best suited to tight miniature hedges edging patio plants or topiaries. Despite being planted in summer with a little care they thrived and have been bushing up nicely ever since. Dutch box50mm pot frost tolerant once established suitable for areas with full sun suitable for areas with part shade suitable for areas with full shade ideal in pots or containers grows 50 cm wide grows to 50cm high ideal growing regions.

Discoloured buxus or box plant turned orange are a common sight especially during winter and when grown in pots. This slow growing plant grows to approximately 50 60cm in height. Leaves tend to be lighter in colour and rounder in shape than the more common english box.

Thanks to their tolerance of heavy pruning. Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa dutch box dutch box is a dwarf variety of english box. Great for defining the edges of paths and garden beds.

The discolouration of the leaves often turning an orange or rust colour is due to environmental stress usually seen in winter and due to the fact that they dried out in the previous summer.

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