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The Wave Summary

Chapter 8 david collins and laurie saunders have a tradition of running into each other in the morning. The wave is set at gordon high school over a period of nine days.

Light Summary

The wave summary laurie saunders is a senior at gordon high school.

The wave summary. Ben ross shows his students a documentary on the holocaust. After discovering the loophole that could lead to his promotion jeff encourages his pal to go celebrate. The wave chapter summary 1 17 click on download to get complete and readable text this is a free of charge document sharing network upload a document and get this one for free no registration necessary gratis.

Inspired he proclaims ideas about power discipline and superiority. They have a conversation on the wave. But this isn t your average high school drama story.

The wave summary on an ordinary day at gordon high ben ross shows his history class a film about the holocaust as part of their unit on world war ii. Laurie saundersis the editor in chief of her high school newspaper the gordon grapevine. Christy ross is generally incredulous and opposed to the wave while ben constantly tries to defend it.

The wave summary and analysis of chapters 1 2. His students are strikingly willing to follow him. The waves is a portrait of the intertwined lives of six friends.

He upset when he realizes that his students have questions about the holocaust that he can t answer he wishes he could give them more. Fast moving and simply written the wave explores a phenomenon of vital significance in world and social history the insipid power of group dynamics which when used wrongly can seduce people to. This morning they got into a minor argument regarding whether the wave was a good thing.

The novel is divided into nine sections each of which corresponds to a time of day and symbolically to a period in the lives of the characters. It is a beautiful day outside and her staff would rather hang around outside than work on the latest issue which is supposed to come out next week. He declares himself leader of a new movement called the wave.

Bernard neville louis jinny susan and rhoda. To explain to his students the atmosphere in the 1930 s nazi germany history teacher burt ross initiates a daring experiment. They end up at a bar where they meet two women named natalie katia winter and theresa sheila vand who catches frank s eye.

The way the wave is constructed we re supposed to feel sympathy for frank and i simply never could. She is frustrated because although she works hard the rest of her staff is very lazy and the newspaper always puts out late issues. She is popular and studious and works as editor in chief of the school newspaper the gordon grapevine.

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