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How To Read Climate Graphs

Is the temperature line steep or gentle. The blue numbers are the amount of precipitation in either millimeters liters per square meter or inches.

3b Graphs That Describe Climate

Look for extremes quote the highest and lowest temperature and rainfall and the month in which it occurs.

How to read climate graphs. Our graphs are interactive and you have almost full control over what data is displayed or not. City in order to plot precipitation bars and temperature points and create a climate graph. You can find climate data on the world climate websites mentioned on the previous page.

The red line shows the average amount of snowfall in tenths of an inch. Cold or very cold mild summers. Does it change throughout the year and or look almost flat.

Transfer the temperature and rainfall data from your data source into the table at the base of the climate graph. The blue bars represent the amount of precipitation rain snow etc that falls in each month. Temperature is shown on a line graph with the figures being shown on the right side of the graph.

Temperatures average annual temperature. Toggling data series on and off. Select a data source.

Climate charts provide an overview of the climate in a particular place. The letters in the top row stand for months. How to analyze a climate graph.

The bars and numbers convey the following information. To remove a data series from the graph simply click on any of the legend items in the top right hand corner of the graph. Melting 1 inch of snow produces about 0 1 inch of water so the precipitation and snowfall plots are usually very nearly the same height.

Interpreting and describing climate graphs. Students find data for an assigned u s. Climate graphs are a combination of a bar graph and a line graph.

Look at the overall shape of the graph. Hot temperatures cold temperatures seasons or distribution of temperatures. To construct a climate graph use the climate graph template and follow the steps below.

Hot cool or fresh the month with the highest temperature the month with the lowest temperature. On the daily mean precipitation and snowfall graph the blue line indicates the average daily amount of precipitation rain and snow combined in hundredths of an inch. Climate graph are shown in figure 2 on the previous page.

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