Thursday, September 24, 2020

Zero Sniper Build

Both build will always build to have b0re in the green tree. But only if you choose the optimal skill tree which involves picking the right skills at right tiers.


Appropriate build for large volume of enemies melee action.

Zero sniper build. Build 2 ground zer0 sniper this is the alternative iconic way to play zer0. Deathmark death blossom and b0re. His snipping tree makes sniper rifles even stronger especially when you get critical ascension.

As an assassin sniper. Unf0rseen presici0n 0ptics kill c0nfirmed and at 0ne with the gun are all highly optional though 0ptics is very very nice to have as a sniper and that s why i decided in it s favor. Basically this tweak as you please sniper zero has plenty of leftover points to move around.

Endless melee bonuses and many must fall tier 6 make staying cloaked and killing many many enemies easy. Is zero the assassin good and fun to play solo co op not hard to play pumathoughts duration. Perfect build for long range shooting significant damage.

Aug 7 2015 7 46am. Borderlands 2 zero builds. Fast and deadly this build includes skills such as execute tier 3 making zero a much more exciting melee character compared to borderland 1 s berserker.

You can play a shotgun zer0 and use the skills that make your first shot do extra damage and tw0 fang where you have a chance to shoot twice. Either a good sniper or a good melee build will always max the central blue cunning tree. Good sniper build for zero lvl 50 72 i need a good sniper build for zero ive tryed a few things out myself but i cant seem to get a good one for uvhm can anyone offer sudgestions last edited by torch.

The sniper build delivers best performance in terms of critical hits. Zero has a few different really good play styles. While many will play with the sniper aspect of the character in mind it can get a little.

Alternative 72 build because f0ll0w thr0ugh is pretty awesome. An endgame zer0 without these skills is a subpar zer0.

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