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Monday, January 11, 2021

New Caledonia Sea Snakes

Cnn seven snorkeling grandmothers have helped scientists to uncover a large population of venomous sea snakes in a new caledonia bay popular with residents and cruise passengers. Sea snakes watch out for sea snakes when snorkeling or swimming they seem to be abundant in most places on new caledonia.

A Yellow Lipped Sea Krait Snake Underwater Near The Shore Of

Just over 1 000 miles from the coast of australia lies new caledonia an island archipelago where the waters teem with life.

New caledonia sea snakes. Though common in new caledonia this is the first time the turtle headed sea snake has been seen on the global reef expedition. Marine elapids of new caledonia comprised three species ofamphibious sea snakes oviparous sea kraits. Turtle headed sea snake above a table acroporid turtle headed sea snakes are commonly found throughout the indo pacific.

New caledonia is famous not just for its sea snakes but also for its residents fondness of them particularly one called tricot raye one of my books translates this french term as striped sweater. Dr claire goiran from the university of new caledonia and professor rick shine from australia s macquarie university were studying a small harmless species known as the turtle headed sea snake. This french territory in the heart of the coral sea is home to over.

I immediately thought that this could be why the turtle headed sea snakes were black around nouméa the capital of new caledonia a french territory in the pacific goiran says. Another says it means striped t shirt. They are not aggressive but can give a lethal bite if they feel.

However studies show that these snakes continuously return to the same area. The locally called tricots rayes ofthe genus utficauda and 12 species ofthe true sea snakes group ovoviviparous in total 15 marine snake species.